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TFO is a limited liability company. It is a self-funding project run by volunteers with a passion for music, music education & film music. All profits raised by TFO are used to build a library of original music for film, TV & video games to help preserve this fabulous repertoire for future generations.



The film Orchestra (TfO) is the 1st amateur orchestra fin the UK to perform only original music for film and TV.
With its Community and Children’s film Orchestras The Film Orchestra Ltd is able to bring together musicians from across the generations to play exciting and challenging music in a sociable environment. It is the ambition of the orchestra to perform at a variety of venues and festivals, both indoor and out with back projections, light shows etc. 

All profits raised by TfO are used to build a library of original music for film, TV & video games to help preserve this fabulous repertoire for future generations.

TfO was founded by Jane Whittle in July 2012 following a discussion with Peter Sheeran, chief executive of the English Symphony Orchestra and Worcestershire-based film composer Hilgrove Kenrick.

TfO met for the first time in February 2013 when 59 assorted musicians met in Worcester.

The debut performance by The Film Orchestra took place at The Swan Theatre, Worcester on Saturday, August 24th as part of the Worcester Festival 2013.


TfO 2022

The film Orchestra has blossomed during lockdown with more musicians anxious find an orchestra which has continued to rehearse whenever possible.
It is now 70-strong with musicians travelling from South Wales, Coventry, Stafford, Wiltshire & Southampton.

The concert programme for 2022 is bigger than it ever has been with festivals, open air concerts, theatres as well as more traditional concert venues in its diary.

The TfO “family” comprises:
The film Orchestra
TfO Children’s Orchestra
TfO Community Orchestras at Malvern and Cheltenham with the brand new TfO Wiltshire starting in February 2022.
Enquiries from new musicians welcome.
Each orchestra rehearses monthly.

More info:
Facebook: The Film Orchestra
Twitter: @TheFilmOrchUk


TfO Principal Conductor: David Curtis
TfO Orchestra Leader: Marie Roberts-Watkins
TfO Orchestra Manager: Lee Clarke-Butler
Sound - Mark Skyrme: Skylight Sound
TfO Community Orchestra, Cheltenham Conductor: Alan MacRae
TfO Community Orchestra, Cheltenham Leader:Caroline Broekman
TfO Community Orchestra, Cheltenham Manager: Jane Pepperell
TfO Community Orchestra, Malvern Conductor: Peter May
TfO Community Orchestra, Malvern Leader: Joni Foster
TfO Community Orchestra, Malvern Manager: Carla Good
TfO Children’s Orchestra Conductor: Lee Clarke-Butler
TfO Children’s Orchestra Leader: Elise Jenkins
TfO Children’s Orchestra Manager: Carla Good
TfO Safeguarding Officer: Flic Heeley
TfO Health & Safety Officer: Marie Roberts-Watkins
Website - Gavin Erry
Music Advisor & Compere - Hilgrove Kenrick
Legal Advisor & Company Secretary - Andrew Whittle
Managing Director of The Film Orchestra Ltd - Jane Whittle


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