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Making Music

Making Music is the UK’s number one organisation for amateur music, with a membership of over 3,000 groups representing around 170,000 music makers across the UK. Find out more about who we are and what we do for amateur music, meet some of the organisations we work with and find out about our awards schemes at

The Elms School

We are thrilled, delighted and excited to establish a permanent home for The filmOrchestra, TfO Children’s Orchestra and TfO Community Orchestra, Malvern at TheElms School, Colwall in the heart of the Malvern Hills, UK.

Pennine Music Publishing

With grateful thanks to Gavin Somerset and Pennine Music for their support as TfO Music Sponsor, helping us to build a film music library for future generations to enjoy this fabulous repertoire.

Skylight Sound

Thanks to Mark Skyrme at Skylight Sound for his fabulous work at our live events

David Curtis

The film Orchestra is proud to be able to appoint David Curtis as TfO Principal Conductor. We look forward to expanding our work with him not just as our fabulous conductor but also in developing workshops and events which will enable more musicians to develop their skills and musicianship under his guidance.

Hilgrove Kenrick

An advisor and mentor of The Film Orchestra as the idea was conceived, Hilgrove continues to champion the cause of TfO within the film music industry as well as providing invaluable information in programming and all things to do with film, TV and gaming music. Hilgrove is also The film Orchestra’s resident compere and great friend.

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